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Submission Method A journals make the final published version of all NIH-funded articles available in PubMed Central (PMC) no later than 12 months after publication without author involvement. The start date shown for each journal is the earliest publication date that meets this requirement.

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This is a list of journals that have committed to making the final published version of allNIH‐funded articles publicly available in PubMed Central (PMC) no later than 12 months after publication.For each Journal title, the list shows:

  • NLM TA: the NLM journal title abbreviation, as used in PubMed and PMC citations.
  • pISSN: the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for the print version of the journal(if applicable).
  • eISSN: the ISSN for the electronic version of the journal (if applicable).
  • Start date: the publication date of the earliest articles deposited in PMC under thisarrangement. A start date earlier than 2008 reflects the fact that many journals have deposited theircomplete contents in PMC since before the inception of the NIH Public Access Policy.
  • End date: If present, it means that the journal has ended its commitment to this program.The date shown is the publication date of the last articles that qualify under this arrangement. (A blankend date indicates that the journal is still active in the program.)

Start and End dates are displayed in "YYYY" or "MMM YYYY" format.

The complete journal list is available as a CSV file. Download the CSV file

Visit the PMC site,, for more information about the types of agreements available to publishers who are interested in depositingarticles in PMC.

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