Reporting publications arising from institutional training, career development, and related awards

Was the publication only associated with one of the following NIH activity codes: T15, T32, TL1, T34, TL4, T35, T90, R25, RL5, R90, RL9, K12, KM1, KL2, D43, D71, DP7, U2R, and U45?

Yes: Show me how to post my paper to PubMed Central and report it to NIH if the publication resulted from work conducted while an individual was supported by the award (i.e., receiving a stipend or salary from the award) from one of the activity codes listed above.

No: Show me how to track this publication in My Bibliography without posting it to PubMed Central if:

  • the publication did not result from work conducted while the individual was supported by the award, and,
  • has no other NIH support.

See NOT-OD-15-091 for more information.

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